Public Relations has been associated with many things - to the point where even PR professionals have their individual definitions of what is PR.  One can choose to focus on a single element or strategy such as media, event planning, charity partnerships or social media - or can first start with the core message and build a strategy around those other things as needed - in essence, build on the foundational message. The latter is Catalyst CC's approach. Here is how we teach people to Walk their Talk.

Talk the Talk:

First step. Prioritize and align your core messages. I'm not talking about your values or your mission - I mean honing your language, your 'go to' phrases and perhaps redefining your benefits in a way that will 'speak to' your target audience and entice them to take action.

When a company can Talk the Talk, they will not only be more confident in their offering but will gain recognition as a reliable, quality source - opening up greater opportunities overall.

Don't WALK until you can TALK:

If you skip the 'talk' and just start 'walking' around using various marketing strategies - the result may be a dolled-up version of yourself and savvy followers and media folk can spot an insincere approach.

Sure, a company can one day decide to 'BE' about something - (charity, environment, health, other...) they may hire someone to punch that message HARD and be 'all about that' for a season. But as soon as your public digs a little deeper, what will they find? Will they find that same message and passion at the heart of your company? or just a carefully orchestrated series of events and stunts that puts you briefly in that light?

Walking the Talk:

When you are ready to walk the talk, you are ready to put together an action plan that will bring your core messages to life with a series or organized, appropriate action steps or campaigns. (I.E. perhaps a social media approach is more appropriate for campaign A, but campaign B would be better supported with a huge media focus - sometimes a little of both)

Your messages should be conveyed at many times and broadcast on many channels. Speak with someone who knows strategy - better yet, hire a PR choreographer that can walk you through it step by step!

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AuthorAmanda Sutton