"... if you can't get people to believe in you, good people always find a better place to go - even in a recession." Harris Diamond, PR mogul.

When it comes to lack of consumer confidence, it doesn't matter HOW good you think your product or service is; If they aren't buying IN, they aren't buying IT.

PR is the quickest and most surefire way to ensure that you are building confidence along side influence.

Mistrust scenarios:  Perhaps you are a start-up with a short history looking for long-term investors; maybe you offer an online platform having trouble acquiring personal or financial information from clients; or what if you are an honest solo-service provider whose own industry has an association with scandal or mistrust?

It's time to take a good hard look at your PR strategy. Here are some tips on how good PR can quell the fires of doubt and lay the path to rebuilding consumer trust:

1. Review your positioning. I always walk clients through a key message exercise, whether brief or in-depth. Rather than just putting together some positive marketing "slogans" to change people's perception - a key message review gets to the core of what's going on inside the heads of your consumers when making decisions. It is based on industry trends, customer feedback and buying patterns. 

2. Prioritize your messages. Depending on the immediate goals of the organization, you may wish to focus your marketing efforts around the two or three core messages that center on fostering trust and confidence on a particular subject. Perception doesn't change over night, by focusing all efforts on 2-3 communications goals, you can slowly steer your company image into the light that YOU wish to appear.

3.Be patient. Consistency + Focus = Perception. Build these messages into everything you do, everything you touch.  Also, work through how you can put these directives into other areas of your communications marketing, website, blogging, media, events, email marketing, etc...

I'll leave off with the FIRST half of the earlier Diamond quote: "If you can get people to buy into your vision and they can trust that vision ...they will trust you and give you business."

AuthorAmanda Sutton