So you're on social media. It's about time! You are ready to build a following and you even have a chart that shows you when people will be watching and waiting with bated breath for YOUR next post. Now, what to say....?

You could post a listing of your steller products and services - but people may think you are too sales-y

You could post a pic of that bagel on your desk - hmm, a little too casual for your network

What about that recent blog post that you toiled over for weeks - perfect! aaand.... send.

... Now only 59 more posts to go this month!


The best approach when considering what to post, and what many social experts like Curt Maly and others agree on - is to build an ONLINE CUSTOMER PROFILE.  This is a fancy way of saying, know your target audience - more importantly, know what key words and messages will resonate with them.  At Catalyst communications, we drill down on this and unearth many other wonderful discoveries through our Key Message process

Key Messages can help you:

A) Sort out who are your biggest influencers and the most important audience(s) to help you achieve your company goals.

B) Sheds light on your current relationship with this group. 

C) Provides the language bridge that will allow you to resonate and successfully engage with this group.


Then, Catalyst CC makes strategic use of social media in fulfilling two purposes:

1. Proactively, to reinforce a target message/image/brand position/etc. 

2. Reactively, by providing solutions for people. (which in term develops trust, relationships, engagement, yadda yadda... sales.)


You can begin your own online customer profile which describes the types of people you are wanting to attract. (if you think you already know who they are)

Here are some questions to start you off:

  • What are the common problems and patterns that these people share
  • What words would they like to hear
  • What things/products/services would they likely need
  • What posting times and patterns would be best received by this group
  • Are they married, single, male, female, etc.
  • Where do they hang out, get their news

and my favourite....

  • Give that group a name - i.e. Kip.

Now you have it.  Every time you sit down to write a post, create content or read an article, you consider him/her: 

Would Kip like to hear about this; would this be of value to Kip; What could Kip take from this, Would would help Kip make a more informed decision; I think Kip could really use this piece of information.


The content flows from there. All of a sudden you are creating or siting 2-3 things a day that are now relevant to what and whom Kip reads, looks at, likes - then link to those things back to your company.


What also happens is that you start to build a solid base of Likes instead of trying to get every type of person to be your friend online.

For more information of how Key Messages can help bridge the gap and fill your content silo month to month, Contact Us!

AuthorAmanda Sutton