As the end of year draws to a close, most businesses tend to turn IN towards their business and let go of some of their marketing and sales practices closer to Dec.15th onward. Makes sense - as owners, how else would we slow down and regroup? 

The fact is that holiday breaks are a great excuse to tie up end of year meetings, client reviews, booking interviews, cleaning up blog posts, final book keeping issues... but don't let that be an excuse to let your message go dark completely!

There are lots of easy ways you can keep your brand profile alive as well as keep the conversation going over the holidays.  You could even stand out by delivering some fresh ideas to those who are still online and in the 'business spirit'.

1. Cut your blog posts in half. Aim for short, informative and topical subject matter for the end of year. Saves you time and is less daunting than those 500-600 word posts you've committed to producing weekly in 2015 (hint hint). Often key words like Christmas, sales, holiday, 2015 and year end, improvement are going to get attention and at least a few clicks for those CEOs at home in their pj's.

2. Create a highlight reel. Put aside a few of your BEST articles from 2014 - and rotate (or summarize them) every couple of days on Twitter, FB or Linked In profiles. No work and you're still contributing, proving you have a pulse.

3. READ READ READ!  Use the time off to catch up on your industry and peer papers, articles, links and pages that you've been bookmarking for the last 2 months and get reading! Not only does it refresh ideas for your own business and marketing practices, but it can give you a TON of topics/issues to rant, tweet, blog and start a conversation about in the new year.


Hope these tips are useful and that you each have a blessed and SUCCESSFUL 2015!! 

From our growing, talented team, to yours :)

AuthorAmanda Sutton