Our Process

Find out how we Create and Cultivate brand awareness!....

If you are wondering how we achieve results, two things; Business Insight and Creativity. We've helped dozens of companies across all industries to get noticed and create *new* touch points with their customers, staff and industry.

We abhor buzz words, so we quickly clarify your key messages and unique value proposition - then we package it so it's easy to share! We then choreograph an outreach plan that gets your message out to media, customers and influencers. Engaging the right people with your company creates fans of your brand!  


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core Step 1: Key Messages 

Also called Brand Positioning; Our Key Message Document drives all PR activities. This collaborative process helps you gain clarity on your own unique language and to further understand your position in front of target audiences. What are the core messages that will resonate with customers? Employees? Referral partners? Social followers? They all have a role in your success!  

This process combines qualitative analysis, online research, web analytics, SEO and a client questionnaire.  

The final document is to be used for; website, blogs, social media, press releases, newsletters, presentations, brochures and more.  Now everyone can TALK THE TALK and contribute to building your brand!


core Step 2: Communications Plan 

Working from a plan ensures you are living your brand and walking the talk.  Using the KMD, CATALYST will customize a focused strategy for your company that will lead you to your vision. Our choreographed PR and outreach campaigns put your message in the spotlight and allow you to live out your Brand Promise 

Our plan give you a step by step guide on how to weave in your key messages and use your tools and resources to their best advantage.  We can also lay out a month to month schedule, include content calendars, posting schedules, deadlines and assigned roles/responsibilities. 


Media Relations

Whether you are a Start Up who needs market buy in or a legendary brand who needs to keep their edge on the competition, the news media can be an unlimited resource through which to get your message heard. News media is considered 10x more valuable than traditional advertising, and this is because you can't buy the credibility that comes from a third party endorsement in front of your key target demographic or potential customers.

We who know how to speak to Editors and what MAKES the news.



Social Media is free: Social Media Marketing is not. Some brands require a selective message to engage their online audience. Each social channel needs its own strategy and content approach, Catalyst has the tools to navigate the 'social sphere' and can provide posting schedules, original content, tools and website measurement which ensure that your online message is well managed and engaging the right followers.


crisis management

Crisis can strike companies both large and small. In the age of social media, bad news travels fast so it is imperative to have an action plan that can address both internal and external crisis before they take a toll on your brand. CATALYST provides minute by minute crisis management as well as crisis communications planning.


start up pro (ideal for launches, APPS, books and events)

Our different sized packages are customized to deliver BIG impact in a select period of time. Whether you are a CEO who needs a bigger voice in your industry or a new start up hitting the scene for the very first time - we cover messaging, media opportunities and influencers that will deliver measurable awareness for your company, product or service. Packages delivered in 6 month (CEO) and 90 days (Start Up Pro) time frames.


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