This is your first step on the road to 'Brand Positioning'. Our custom Key Message Process drives all of your PR and marketing activities - it’s the Who and Why. This collaborative exercise helps to gain clarity on your most important messages next to your competitors and in front of target audiences. What truly makes you unique? What is the language that will resonate with Customers? Employees? Media? They all have a role in your success!  

This 2-3 week process combines qualitative analysis, online research, web analytics, SEO and a client questionnaire.  

Hundreds of business owners have used this final document (KMD) for; website, blogs, social media, content, press releases, speeches, newsletters, presentations, brochures and more.  Now everyone can TALK THE TALK and contribute to building your brand! 



Using the Key Message Document (above), CATALYST will customize a goal-driven outreach plan for your company that will put you out in front - it’s the Where, When, How. This plan guides your marketing team on where and how to use your key messages in order to create the most engagement. Having a plan lets you put your message in the spotlight and allow you to live out your Brand Promise.  

Our Choreographed communications plans ensure you are making the best use of internal and financial resources.  We can also build a month by month schedule, content calendars, posting schedules, deadlines and assign team roles/responsibilities

Word of mouth travels fast. Whether you are a Start Up who needs market buy-in or a legendary brand who needs to keep their edge on the competition, the news media can be an unlimited resource to get your message heard and your product seen. EARNED news coverage is 10x more valuable than PAID advertising,  because you can't buy the credibility that comes from a third party endorsement in front of your key target demographic or potential customers.

Our #1 specialty is knowing how to speak to Editors and what MAKES the news!


There are a host of online bloggers, influencers and others that can get your story out to a large following quickly. While our goal is always EARNED (non paid) placement - we also work with sponsored articles and influencer campaigns within a desired budget.

Influencer relations is one of the most important elements of a modern PR plan. Catalyst hand selects influencers and ambassadors who align with your brand and have them spread the word about products to help strengthen and broaden your consumer base.



Social Media is free: Social Media Marketing is not.  Each social channel needs its own strategy and content approach to reach people, and it's changing fast!

Catalyst has gained tools and experience to navigate the 'social media sphere' and manages posting schedules, original content, tools, ad campaigns and website measurement which ensure that your messages and promotions are having impact and engaging the right followers!


Crisis can strike companies both large and small. In the age of social media, bad news travels fast so it is imperative to have an action plan that can address both internal and external crisis before they take a toll on your brand.

CATALYST provides Crisis Training courses, minute by minute crisis management as well as reputation management and crisis communications planning documents.

Don't have a monthly budget? We've customized a 30-day package that delivers BIG impact in a short period of time. Whether you are a start up that needs to make a splash, or an author planning a book tour -- we cover Messaging, Web presence, Content Planning and your Media Release. This tool kit will help deliver measurable results at launch and get the buzz machine goingRead More


(Ideal for Start Ups, launches, books, and events)