Ready to Launch?...

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Launch it right from the start…

What will get on people’s radar? Have you chosen the right language? How will you make the news? Most businesses spend between 18 months to 2 years asking these questions and testing out marketing strategies before they see any traction ... Let's shorten that cycle.

1 month = 1 Kick Ass Launch Plan

Our Starter Kit is custom tailored and will provide you with all of the essential Communications pieces you need to launch to the masses! We've become so good at this process, that with just three critical steps - we cover your Audience and Key messages, your web presence and Content Plan, finally a Media Release that will actually get attention. All to ensure that people will BUY INTO what you're selling!

You'll receive:

  • Key Message Document (or) Speakers Sell Sheet

  • Website audit + Blog outline

  • Launch Media Release

Timing: 1 month

Price: $2,990

If you've ever wondered if you're ready for the big time?... This is your last step before pressing GO! 

Contact and get ready to launch!


Here is what others have said:

“On fire with your inspiration! Thank you Amanda and team!! I only wish I had hired you before I even started writing because I think it would have made the book even better.”

- Dana Pharant, Speaker + #1 selling Amazon author + Inner Dominatrix

"Never have I been brought to a deliverable in such a short amount of time, and with such focus."

- Julian Bolster, Coach + Speaker

"You have helped me realize that "what my company is" is different depending on who I'm speaking to. No wonder I was having trouble summarizing it in an elevator pitch."

- Liam Squires, Startup Founder, Tandempark 

"Amanda and team’s attention to detail and her ability to package and market, ensures your message is put to the right ears."

- James Sidney Harvey, Author + Coach

"Catalyst's work on my key word response and press release help give the polish necessary for a confident and effective launch."

- Maggie Olsen, Owner SociableSisters