Walk Your Talk - Catalyst


News media speak a different language. We know what makes them take notice. Our expertise can help get your company on their radar and generate earned coverage on you and your company.

Get Excited - Catalyst


The term 'word of mouth' has evolved. Your customers are your public - and shared public opinion is inevitable.  Let's put your best, shareable content reaching out to all platforms.

Walk Your Talk - Catalyst


There are hundreds of influencers willing to align with your brand. We work to build relationships with ambassadors that can help strengthen and broaden your consumer base.

We achieve results with two things; Business Insight and Creativity.


We've helped dozens of companies across all industries from start ups to legacy brands - to get noticed and create new touch points with their customers, staff and industry. We abhor buzz words, so we quickly clarify your key messages and unique value proposition - then we package it so it's easy to share! We can choreograph an outreach plan to get your message out to media, customers and influencers. Engaging the right people with your company creates fans of your brand!