Topper's Pizza is one of Canada’s most popular and iconic pizza brands, and Catalyst was proud to be their official PR Agency of Record. Founded in 1982, the company began franchising in 1992 and has 37 pizzerias throughout Ontario. Catalyst is brand champion assisting with Franchise Development and Public Relations, social media engagement as well as partnering in a record setting PR campaign with Toronto Hospital for Sick Children - garnering almost 20 pieces of media news coverage over the 10 week campaign. In addition to expanding Topper's Pizza brand reach across Ontario and beyond, Catalyst has acquired top tier coverage in major industry news outlets including Pizza Quarterly Magazine, Canadian Business Franchise,  Contact Management magazine.  The recipe for Topper’s success includes quality ingredients, an unbeatable crust, and first-class Franchise Partners - we couldn't be more proud to partner with such a high quality establishment! 

“Thank you so much for inviting us to be part of this fun and tasty event. We had a blast and the event truly opened my eyes to enjoying Toppers Pizza in a whole different way. The Pairings with Side Launch were fantastic! Thanks as well for the lovely SWAG Bag.”

— Julie Card, Editor,


Catalyst has worked with The Market Buffet since 2013. Owner, Jamie Martin saw the value in investing in a PR and an online marketing strategy. This has built his local following as well as put the restaurant in the spotlight of local press and regional food publications. In addition to creating new charity programs and community events, Catalyst has increased their social media presence by 400%  targeting existing customers while capturing new clientele. Their annual campaigns including in-house promotions, contests and special charity events have generated consistent local and regional media attention.  As well as bringing over 4,000 new visitors to their website in a 3 month period through blogsnews and other website content.

“I made the decision to change my marketing strategy this year and Amanda has been the perfect fit. She came up with a timeline of great campaigns for the entire year to help grow my business and has made sure to include social media and local news into all the campaigns we run. She is easy to contact and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Amanda!”

— Jamie Martin, Owner


Amanda Sutton also worked on leading Canadian restaurant brands as well as managed large scale national campaigns for other chains under the SIR CORP restaurant group including:

  • Grand Opening of Frisco's Brassiere and Bar - including fashion show and media guests

  • Opening Canada's First drive-thru Chinese restaurant - Manchu Wok

  • Opening Red's bistro, downtown Toronto

  • Taxi Appreciation Day with Mayor and City of Toronto - Moose Winooski's

  • Jack Astor's annual Flare Contest - all markets, cross-Canada coverage as well as Finale in Toronto with guest judges and media guests

  • Media Training - all Jack Astor's Managers across Canada.