Avoid 'Keeping up with The Jones' syndrome

I’d like to list some great examples of brands that were damaged by trying to live up to lofty claims – and lost. The Chevy Volt was meticulously engineered by GM to be its flagship car of the future - Then it had engine fire problems. The Nokia Lumia 900 was built to compete with the Apple iPhone -  Just as it was introduced in the U.S. market, it was discovered to have a software flaw that could prevent data downloads. The Airbus A380 “super jumbo” was made to be the most advanced passenger jet in the world, until its wings began to crack.

OK, so they all had serious design flaws... BUT my point is this: 

Too often, we get caught up in the competitiveness of keeping up with the ‘big guys’ and losing sight of what makes our little product or service unique – what made us begin this journey or company in the first place. So we end up using the tired ‘jargon’ of our industry and end up spewing out the same ad speak in our flyers, print and radio ads – lulling our otherwise attentive publics into a state of indifference.

Here are three questions that I’d like you to ask before you promote your services any further:

1.       Why did we choose the NAME and logo of our company?

2.       What has changed (good or bad) about our service/customers/industry in the last year?

3.       How would a 2nd Grader describe what we do? (seriously... try it)

By answering these 3 simple questions, it may spark some new ideas or reveal some precious sound bites for your next promotional campaign J

Happy Hunting!


Photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash