Back to School for Your Biz

I LOVE back to school time – and I don’t even have school-aged kids yet.


Could it be the excuse to buy shiny new pens? Clean out your office drawer? The approaching of crisp fall air?...


Possibly. But for small business, it’s also a great time to re-evaluate your business standing BEFORE year end and get a jump on some great ideas before the new year slowly winds up.


Some fourth quarter business-beef-up challenges:

·         Consider doing an online personality or business evaluation to see how you and your biz could improve and best use your assets.

·         Get online and assess your website performance – there’s still time to make some adjustments before end of year.

·         Go ahead and dig out that list of “MARKETING IDEAS for 2011” – time to scratch some off or make headway on those that were left behind.

·         Jump on the School Bus-band wagon: Be creative and take advantage of the “Back to School” marketing propaganda to do something creative with your slogan, advertisements, marketing efforts or online activities.

·         Knock on some doors before winter: Take this time of year to reach out to NEW clients that you may have been in touch with throughout the year or have not yet had a chance to approach. Take out all of those business cards and make a few calls to potential colleagues or clients! That way, they’ll more likely remember you going into the new year.

Have fun and don’t forget to BROWN BAG IT this year! ;)

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash