Building to the Big Release... part 2: Shareable?

This is part two of a three part series on Media Releases. Are they worth it? What to consider? What’s their value?

Part one addressed an age old problem with most company announcements or releases; Is My Release Too Promotional?  Got it? good.

In this installment, we explore a few ways to ensure your release has some lasting IMPACT within the big bad web. I’ve titled this one,

Is My Release Shareable?

I chose to focus on ‘share-ability’, but why is this so important? Well, Search Engines think it’s important and SEO plays a huge role here in terms of impact and how many people see your content.

Basically, Search Engines rank the ‘value’ of your content based on three things:

1.       How long people stay on it

2.       If they click ‘through’ (to related links) or click ‘out’

3.       Do they share it?

 (Since this is not an SEO post - I will leave the technical stuff to those more fluent in ‘key words’, ‘tracking codes’, ‘demand generation’ – There are some great tutorials out there. Here is a good post to start. Here is a nice infographic. )

Back to sharing....

Call to Action:

A great way to encourage sharing with your release is to include some type of CALL TO ACTION.

Basically, you want your audience to do something with the information they’ve been given; click through and follow a link back to your site, blog post, facebook page; ask for their input, take a survey, enter a contest... this also leads them to places they can ‘like’ or ‘follow’.


Ask yourself this question; “After seeing this post, would they click back to find a different search result?”

If people share what you are posting, it says they want to be linked with the content in some way; maybe they hold a similar view, perhaps it affects them or their business, maybe they have a solution or opposing view point, or maybe they just think you’re awesome.  But most professionals are looking for easy things to share; new or innovative developments, relevant statistics, topical anecdotes, news stories or studies revealed, tips and tricks.

Good Writing:

Lastly, a good writer goes a long way. Having someone who knows how to write for media is a plus and is usually someone who can bring value that can be applied outside of your direct consumer - to other influencers.

Darn, this is good advice... I have to go back to all of my recent releases! OK, I’ll be along shortly with the third installment of this series...Is My Release Measurable?

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

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