Successful PR: Don't Underestimate Your Staff

This post could be summed up as follows: A successful promotional campaign is made up of: One part savvy PR and marketing; One part internal support.

You may be wondering why I am posting about staff – well, for PR specialists, when building a campaign for a client, there is a heartbeat, a reason, a value proposition that we are usually trying to promote and none of it works if the entire organization isn’t living, breathing and BELIEVING what you are trying to sell.

As your PR specialists we do all that we can to create buzz on various networks, increase awareness online and draw new eyeballs to you – but once they cross the threshold, they need to be converted, become a fan!

Two of the most important elements to any communications or PR campaign are the client’s PASSION for the cause and their internal SUPPORT ENGINE to drive it home.

If you think about it – who really has the final say to drive your business forward or backwards? Who is the customers' first and last point of contact? Who has access to unlimited networks and sharing?

At the end of the day, your managers, employees; they are the final link in this great big machine that you’ve created, built and now wish to showcase to the world. Your staff – the final piece of the puzzle and the last lineage which can drive the entire experience back to you.

Scary right? It doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few ways to be sure to align your staff with your PR and company goals:


- Hire with Pride. Take a good look at the criteria you want associated with your brand, your product or service, if these people aren’t exuding it – maybe they are not a fit. - Role review. Is it always you that is leading the charge, trying to light fires, getting no support? – perhaps you should think about a management review or inventory of roles within - who would be best to take charge and best relate to staff to get them on board. - Include them. Share your list of key messages, hold a special meeting, introduce them to your PR team and tell them the new path you are taking. Some may feel they are on board, some may not ... they may be a loss worth taking. - Bring them online. Create fun and creative campaigns that slowly start to get your staff on board and working with you on social media. This may take some time to feel natural, (it’s not always ‘cool’ to LIKE your place of work), but involving them in some creative strategies could make it easier for them to get involved with and most importantly, SHARE with others!

Summary: Give them a reason to be proud of where they work. Then they will gladly be your cheerleader; in public, on the web and elsewhere. They are your closest allies and sales force – USE them!

With great power comes great responsibility – Thanks Uncle Ben.

Photo by Pascal Swier on Unsplash