Don't Let Your Message Die

It’s sad really, but I’ve seen it time and time again.

Company A invests some PR dollars into their launch or big event, begin to make an impact, build a pretty good following and then... Crickets.

Their savvy PR person hits the curb and they fill that role by hiring 1 or 2 part timers (i.e. friends) or students to do things like: manage their web content, post to their social media or make some sales calls... as long as they are out there, right? Wrong.

Of course a consistent communications presence would be ideal to CHAMPION your brand and your message through online strategies, marketing activities, media relations, special events, and other things we PR people love to get our hands into...

But if that is not what your budget allows – please consult your PR or marketing specialists at your launch on how they can help you keep top of mind once the ribbon is cut.

This could entail:
-          Building a plan: Have them build an easy to follow outreach strategy that your internal folks can walk through and maintain as the year progresses.

-          Maintain a basic online presence: Your communications pro could easily help keep up with your followers/fans, make sure you’re engaging with interested or like-minded individuals, providing informational links from other sources in your industry and make sure you’re talking the ‘talk’ every day – at least every week.

-          Stay in the news: While steel bolts for the heating and cooling industry may not be a monthly news story, you can probably come up with an interesting or newsworthy story about your company, its people or product three or four times per year. Your PR person would know how to create the news and could reaching out to key bloggers, journalists or share it through the news portion of your website.

-          Web content and updates: Have a check in every 3-6 months to determine the changes in your market/focus and have someone give your web content a good once over to ensure that you’re still disseminating the right info and key words that will attract the right audience. This includes anecdotes or articles that are proprietary to you and your company.

A savvy , creative and honest Communications professional should be able to deliver package OPTIONS that suits both your budget and will work towards your goals. You’re representing yourself EVERY day of the year, let a pro help you.

Our motto: a conversation over coffee never hurts.

Photo by Michal Průcha on Unsplash