'PR Launch Kit' for Start Ups, New Business

While Catalyst communications choreography specializes in key messaging and communications planning for all size organizations - we realize that smaller enterprises don't always have the funds to retain an ongoing PR machine. Especially start ups. Sometimes, ya just need a boost.

That's why Catalyst is offering our 'PR Launch Kit' for start ups, new launches and small business. If you have invested the time in a business plan, why wouldn't you take the time to have your long term marketing bases covered before hitting GO?

The 'PR Launch Kit' ensures that you have the right messages across all marketing vehicles and you get attention from the people who MATTER to your business. (see previous blog "Ready to Launch: PR checklist for your business")

This package is for those who:

Have a new product, service or offering and need to get the word out.

Need to gain awareness quickly and position themselves as an expert.

Would like to gain local or national media attention.

Paid for a fancy website - but are not sure how to draw in users.

Have doubts about your logo, business cards or taglines.

Not sure if you're making impact on social channels.

The 4 - 6 week mini-PR launch includes:

  • Audience analysis and Key Message Document (themes, messages, tag lines, other) Are we considering all gatekeepers and reaching out in their 'language'?
  • Website review - recommendations (messaging, architecture) Does your site 'hook' them in and make it easy to engage?
  • Media release - company tailored and optimized for media / SEO Leta professional handle it!  
  • Premium level media newswire distribution (all major search engines, over 250,000 news sites, journalists and bloggers. Includes use of video.) More eyeballs = more exposure!

Additional services available: social media, event management, media training, other.

Contact us at info@catalystcc.ca and begin the conversation today!

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

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