Tis the Season for 'Gift Guides'

It's the most wonderful time of the year... wait, that's September - or is it December? Nope, for PR folks, it's Christmas PR preparation time! Your PR rep should already be getting their ducks in a row for how, what and when they plan to pitch the holiday Christmas BLITZ.

Here are a few pointers of how to change up and keep your 'Gift' pitch fresh this year: The key - timing, timing, timing.

Send samples! - If you have a particularly unique product, pop it in the mail! Remember to give the reporter or blogger ample time to do sampling, assessments and reviews.

Keep it local - If pitching to a specific country (Canada for example) be sure that the product is available in that country! Also, check website shopping cart status (no glitches!) and make a note of additional things like, taxes, shipping and be sure that all is clear to the customer.

One product, two seasons - Is there an application for your product or service outside of the holiday gift giving season? If so, perhaps you can tie 2 pitches into 1 and provide the initial pitch early on in November, while giving plenty of option for the blogger or journalist to feature it along with their holiday products as well.

Gimme gimme -  Seems obvious, but include where the product is available. Both online and in stores.

Take a pic - A high res photo goes a long way, be sure that it is print-resolution worthy but not so huge that it bogs down their inbox.

Happy Shopping!

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash