Why Choreography?

Catalyst Communications Choreography:

A lot of people comment or inquire as to the ‘Choreography’ part of our company name so I thought I’d give the long and short of it.

What is Choreography?

The carefully planned or executed organization of people, things, or an event.

In a nutshell, isn’t that what PR practitioners do every day?


Our role is to take our clients' business objectives and weave them into an intricate plan of communications activities. This stems from the positioning and brand, into the overall messaging, to the written and oral verbiage as well as online social activity and live events – anywhere your “PUBLICS” are. These things should OOZE all things that your company represents and it’s our job to make sure they are seamless series of steps.


Now while our job role may not always extend into each of these domains, I still feel strongly that PR practitioners should carve a role for themselves as brand champions to continue the voice and messaging and at least be included in all other marketing arms.

Seem overwhelming? ... just take it STEP by STEP  

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash