Respect the Brand - through your Key Messages



I love this ad campaign for a few reasons - one, being that the company can be so bold as to not care about offending or discounting other brands or customer groups.

This company is not afraid of turning off certain customers in order to obtain deeper appeal and engagement with their current audience.

It is a lesson that we, as marketers and a lot of CEOs could use when it comes to our marketing and key messaging efforts.

Being a social media marketing firm as well as a communications firm here in Barrie, we often come up against the age old challenge of; how to truly make our clients different? To this I ask, how different are you willing to be, act? How important is your brand mission or vision?

To the financial consultant, it may mean willing to target a whole new millennial audience who have a lifetime of potential investment opportunities vs. retired professionals with money. To a smoothie shop, it may mean going completely vegan or gluten free at the risk of turning off a few local patrons. To a consulting firm, it may mean saying no to a few clients who don't fit within your brand's value or mission statement in order to get the client list of your dreams.

So as you head into your holiday planning for your business or shoring up your marketing efforts for the new year - take a note from this company. Remember to respect your brand and - live it, breath it in your messages, behaviour and tone. Be different. Be bold. Be the only 'you' out there.