Content Mistakes To Avoid

So a lot of you have caught on to this 'content' phenomenon. I see some head nods, a bit of zealousness and even a shift of priorities, as clients begin to grasp the infinite possibilities of the written word to bring attention, credibility and SALES to their company.

Most encouraging; we are getting increased buy in from clients who are understanding that their involvement in the content process is the key to success!

Now, we are here to talk about content pitfalls and 3 things to remember this year to MAXIMIZE your content for your business:

1. Use Your Messages as your Calendar. By sitting down with your Key Message doc or your Marketing PR plan for the year, you can begin to form some great blog and content topics - but also themes, patterns of information, which, for PR purposes can maximize the use of this material throughout the year.  Basically, Your Key Messages help plan your content calendar for the year. It's a afternoon exercise that could save you countless hours of wondering WHAT TO WRITE? and WHEN?

2. Don't be a content Floozy. Sorry, but this is the kindest descriptor I can come up with of someone that promises something special, and just gives it away to anyone who will take it!! If you come up with a prime piece of content (i.e. articles) for a specific media outlet, blogger or trade publication, do not throw it around or paste it to your blog the next day. Once you've submitted it, it should be considered THEIR proprietary content - and some publications/outlets take this very seriously, or you run the risk of being put on their blacklist.  Feel free to play with the title,  intro or come up with a shorter, more round about way to delivery the same message, but don't paste word for word. A great way is to reference it in a blog, with a LINK to the actual article. That way, you get the credit, and the media gets the ownership.

 3. Good content is a treasure trove of opportunity. As outlined in my post PR Alchemy, one good nugget of content in the hands of a PR craftsman, can become a mutli-dimensional marketing tool that keeps your brand and message alive across multiple channels for longer than just one blog post.  

Case Study: As an example, our client was featured in a prominent start up website ; from this one piece of earned coverage, we not only shared on social channels, but it also gave us, a podcast interview topic, a lively Linked In chat with of Key Influencer groups, and finally another blog post where we are able to re-use the material and reference the original article.   


Bottom line, as communications professionals, we know how to write - and as PR professionals, we know how to sell your brand.  It's the best bang for your buck, bar none!

Fact: Most business owners fail to capitalize on 90% of profits that exist in their current customer base, simply by not engaging them in the right way. 

Remember, a good writer can come up with pretty prose but a GREAT PR strategist can make it work for you!

Happy Writing everyone :)

Photo by Breather on Unsplash