Create Fans by Owning your Brand.

We live in a world of packaging, silos and sub-categories - A lot of our choices and selections are predetermined, based on our history, preferences and general interests. Cable for example is becoming more and more selective by packaging only the channels that "customer U" would find of interest. RSS feeds are built around delivering only the info we think is important to consume. You only have to take a look at a person's 'follower' list on their social media profiles to get a snapshot of their general interests, hobbies and views. 

Our lives are getting hyper-segmented and so are our preferences.

So when it comes to marketing - why shouldn't we direct them in the same way? We don't just want to participate or dabble in a space, we want to Own It!

Over the last 10 years, marketing has shifted away from this thing you could "throw money at" and simply tell everyone that you are "the best at everything".  Even the big players are recognizing the need to distinguish and capitalize on core concepts, brand values and the reasons behind their products and services. 

Big Brands too, have come to realize, the 'everything you can do i can do better' mentality is an outdated model on which to build a brand.

Here's the dilemma I come across with a lot of business owners - the fear factor of limiting their product suite for customers is creeping into their branding.  What this does for your marketing/PR team is dilute the message and put you among a larger pool of competitors that may be dominating in one area or another that you are not.

Exercise: Here's what it boils down to: If you can think of your FAVOURITE or most inspiring mentor/guru - and you had to describe them as the "_____" guy or the "______" girl. What would that be? It works with companies too, "ya know, the ____  people!"

For more than one client, I've had to bring them down to the earthly reality that you are only as memorable as your best key message. .

Stay tuned for part two of this post which talks about how to distinguish it, package it, and sell it - BETTER than the other guy.

Photo by Anthony Martino on Unsplash