Why this Video Hits it Out of the Park

The best.  For those CEOs who think they have to spend thousands on an effective video, sometimes the small business model gets it really right. Might I add that since the time of this post - this start up that sold $1 razors is now worth about $615 million thanks to campaigns like this one. 

As with this example of a well-crafted, understated video from Dollar Shave Club - they get it right in soooo many ways. Here is why this video WORKS:

1. They used the company commander/CEO voice. He's authentic, he owns the company, it's his vision.  *Important. He also looks like a guy that would use his own razors*

2. They used humour. And yes, while humour isn't always appropriate and is an easier sell - there is something about stating the obvious about your brand that "humanizes" a company and instantly connects with the audience. Insert other words into your approach: humbleness, getting real, unpretentious, self-effacing.

3. They work with what they've got. A warehouse. I'm not kidding. Let's get to the nitty gritty - Here is the stuff we make, here's the people making it, here's how it's delivered. Want it? They didn't invest in sets, props and costumes. (ok, except for the bear that's like what... a $35 rental - at LEAST!) But the place looked great. 

4. They featured employees.  Great opportunity to represent your people and give the credit back to the employees. (whoot whoot!) He made the company the star of the show and made it cool to package and ship razors!  Now his employees have an even bigger reason to celebrate and share this message and continue to Live out the Brand.

5. Their set and image matches their brand. The CEO didn't wear a suit, he wore a slightly tilted tie and had an average hair cut.  His customers don't care about fancy, they want value and want to see who THEY are reflected in the brand and in the message.

6. The process. With a seamless stream of witty dialogue, the viewer is completely unaware that they're being driven through the company headquarters. That's literally the place where this guy probably spends about 90% of his day. But we were able to see his office, walking onto the floor, the piles and piles of razors being ready to ship. We get an inside scoop and feel an instant comfort and familiarity with that environment. 

When you open yourself up you bring your audience along for the journey you make us feel included somehow. Like your success.... is ours!

That's pretty effective if you ask me. Hey, they've turned me from a follower (on Facebook) into a Fan!  And I don't even shave my face!  

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