The Next Big Thing in PR is...

Now I wrote this blog back in 2014 - but the answer is still the same. (drum roll)... personal branding. 

As I maneuver through the twitter-sphere and various other forms of mass communication, the move towards personal branding is very clear and is probably one of the most influential decision making factors; from placing a purchase to hitting the 'follow' button.... and Millennials are leading the race.

I see bigger personalities online today, tweeting from their office cubicle, than I do on most corporate website home pages. And they aren't tweeting about their job. It's about their side-job, their hobbies, their passions.... and they know their stuff. 

While they get a bad rap as the "me" generation - millennials are definitely more ballsy, expressive and passionate - in this case, it may work to their advantage.  They just need focus.

Even working on promoting my clients brands, I am constantly steering a shift towards this "authenticity movement" that can only be made real by emanating from a truth, a deep core... and most often, a person.

In a world of online and less-personal, more-clinical interactions, we almost have re-opened the opportunity to be unique in how personable and available we make ourselves to the public.

In business, CEOs are stepping to the forefront. Nothing new? no - but there may be more of a respect for it than in previous years.

All this to say, that if you find your voice, live your purpose - your personal brand will no doubt shine through and give your PR and marketing dept. a lot more to work with.


Photo by Andreas Weiland on Unsplash