Writing does not equal 'good communications'

This is the first of what I will call my #Blogin10 series. 

10 minutes. Rant and rave, give it your best! Here goes.... 

There is a distinct difference between knowing how to form and craft a letter or article, and how to effectively communicate your goals wants and desires across other channels - in 60, 30, even 10 seconds or less. 

Today, we continue to put the art of communications and writing into a box. A large box. With lots of text.

While some have the ability to write  prose and long form thought - the need for short form thought is at its peak. So too, our education programs may have some work to do in this area - are we truly preparing our future communicators for the world of brevity, online and evolved communications?

This, outlines the need for KEY MESSAGES. Now more than ever = the ability to form persuasive thought into concise statements is at a dire need.

(6 min left)

We need to communicate and differentiate our businesses, our service, our UNIQUENESS in 7 word sentences or less.

No matter what marketing service provider you hire; website provider, branding firm, it is YOU not them, that will ways and forever be required the ability to tell us WHAT YOU DO. 

  • How many times have you been asked to 'provide copy'?
  • How many times have you been required to 'draft the letter"?
  • How many times have you handed off this task to someone outside of your company?

It can stop now. By identifying your own core key messages, never again will you be forced to hire writers or people outside of your company to eloquently and concisely put your best WORDS forwards or to highlight your particular brand of awesome!

Beeper going. Times up! Key Messages - 3 per audience - do it now.


Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash