Three Steps to Intelligent Media Interviews

If you’ve ever really listened to an interview about a product or service, some of the time it can sound like the person being interviewed has one agenda: gimme gimme gimme, name drop, gimme.

When securing a media interview, it’s never a bad idea to remind the client that a little bit of give and take will get them farther in the interview and in their media relationships.

The next time you have secured some print or radio attention, try approaching the interview not as “How can I talk about me, my services, what I want ...,”

Instead think, “How can I encourage this media person to ask positive, thought provoking questions around my product, service or business?”

For those businesses that haven’t had the opportunity to partake in Media Training 101, I’ve put together a few pointers for your next live or taped appearance.

How interviewees can create stellar interviews in three steps:

  1. Send helpful links or articles related to the subject matter you are speaking to so journalist can appear well-versed, therefore asking more probing/intelligent questions.
  2. Send some sample interview questions ahead of time to help frame the discussion so that they can create an interview that flows. (This is a suggestion, should not be put forward as “Ask this!”)
  3. Have your Key Messages ready! This will assure that you have some semblance of control over the interview and ensure you are getting out the messages that YOU want to relay.

Remember, a good interview can make YOU sound and look great.

And with such a professional approach, you may be asked back onto the program for a follow up interview or as a regular guest.

Lights, Camera... Action!

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash