When your Message Goes Dark

Using the US government shutdown as an example, scientific experts are now saying that the fallout from the lack of activity has not only undercut the efforts of researchers and scientists forced to shut down labs and projects, but has also lost the trust of the people and any patients relying on that data.

It is a grave reminder of what can happen when a brand or company too, goes into MIA status, whether it is forced into shutdown or just taking stock of their branding, PR or marketing approach.

Don't let your company 'Go dark' or fall off the radar completely. The message should never die.

Here are some cases of Going Dark:

  • At times there are extenuating circumstances that will force a company to reevaluate or realign its core messages in order to come back with a bigger, better social or public presence. In these cases, it is best to stick to the basics - communicate and share what you know, stick with your core values and make it about your customers.
  • Other times, you may have aligned your personal or professional profile to an organization that has disbanded or decided to part ways. It is important here to tie up all loose ends - close related social accounts, pages or blogs - continue to monitor any chat groups or forums you may have started or shut them down if appropriate.
  • Perhaps you are having trouble keeping up with your many communications vehicles and are reevaluating your approach - you might create a very simple posting calendar to take off pressure, and keep you on the radar of your followers who have come to expect updates.

A sudden deep void or MIA status of an account or business not only looks suspicious for all parties involved but can deeply harm your credibility as well as any loyalty from followers you may have worked to build.

There are better solutions than hiding under a rock.

Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

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