Making Social Media.... Social!

Well, it’s 2017 – and some businesses are still here... Really?

Let’s face it – those businesses who have chosen to avoid social media just can’t avoid it any longer. As consumer purchases become more value driven - it is important to use appropriate social channels to let people know, not only what you are, but what type of company you've built and the values you hold.

Social Media continues to be a mystery to many business owners when it comes to value and ROI. When is the right time to reach out? How can I generate sales from telling stories? Social isn’t just about watching your “likes” go up; Done properly, it can be an effective way to engage people with your company - thereby turning your followers into fans, and fans into loyal customers.

Alas, we’re still busting old, tired myths around social – here are a few:


My Clients Aren’t On Social Media

Whatever channels you choose to dominate – we guarantee your clients aren’t sitting under a rock somewhere. Facebook alone has more than 71% of Canadians using it (  And with tools such as Audience Optimization and Geo-Targeting, we can now deliver social messages more strategically and precisely – narrowing down your target audience by age, gender, interests and/or location.  So the argument of “my customer is not online” doesn’t really continue to hold much weight.

These tools allow us to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

People Will Start Following Us Because Our Page is Up

So you create your business account, add a profile and cover photo, contact information, publish a few posts – you should be set, right? Wrong. The most common mistakes we see with businesses and their social media marketing is their belief that if you build it – they will come. But what they are missing is the opportunity to build relationships.  Social Media channels are not one way billboards, they are two way platforms that need to be nurtured, monitored and engaged.

If I Pump Out a Lot of Posts – People Will Follow

Yes, social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great way to raise awareness of your products or services, but overdone – and they can turn people off.  A better solution is to figure out a way to build relationships with your potential customers and begin talking to them!  This is the first step for turning your followers into fans. It is not about just promotion, but about conversation – if you want your followers to truly engage with your business, you must engage back. Social is meant to be well… SOCIAL.


We’ve put together our top 3 tips to help you get the most out of your social media efforts:

1.      Limit ‘Sales’ Posts – Constantly promoting your products/services and asking your followers to buy is a sure way to lose followers. Instead, share blogs/articles/graphics, etc. that are in line with your brand/beliefs and of interest to your fans – then tie in your product/service to demonstrate its relevancy.

2.      Ask Questions – Social Media is meant to be SOCIAL. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and start discussions on your social media channels. If you’re looking to increase engagement on your page and build relationships with your followers – all you have to do is ASK!

3.      No Comment Should Be Left Unanswered – Lesson number one in customer service - respond to your customers!  How can we expect our followers to engage with us, if we do not remain in contact with them? Whether it is a question, a comment, positive OR negative feedback – it all warrants a reply. Negative feedback can actually be some of the greatest opportunities to get back a true FAN of your brand and turn a negative experience into a positive one that they'll remember.

Also, when other followers see that you engage with your fans – they are more likely to continue to listen, like and share the good will. Maintain social channels that embrace two-way conversation.

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash