PR: How to Create the Unexpected

Do you know that feeling when you are expecting one thing, but you are delivered something else?

In customer service - this can be a bad thing.

In PR it can be a very good thing! A buzzworthy thing, in fact.

As I've described before,

  • Marketing is getting your name or logo in front of people multiple times  - and usually paying to do so.
  • PR happens when people recognize your logo as a result of a positive brand experience or recommendation.  

The key difference is that one of these inspires people to tell and share with others.

Here is where marketing and PR teams can get creative:

  1. That email campaign you are sending out - is there a way to personalize it for each person so they'll be enticed to share?
  2. Those flyers - could they include a coupon that allows that person to continue your brand experience in another way/setting?
  3. What about partnerships? Check in with your relationships with those companies around you who can either bring you referrals or have a direct impact on your consumer base. (i.e. ice cream company and Colgate - as above *brilliant)


With marketing the goal is to BUY  - where as with PR the goal is to INSPIRE! Inspiration is what leads to genuine referrals and can solidify an already positive association with your brand.

Let's keep people talking!