What Your New Brand Strategy may be Missing

We've worked with a lot of companies on their key messages and what always surprises us is that during our data gathering process, they will often send marketing plans and even full branding strategies that are just one or two years old.  

I'm left wondering - if they paid another company, probably a generous sum for this extensive document - then why wasn't any of it implemented? Why does this company still feel lost in terms of their brand goals and targets?

And I realize ... while the reports look very professional, downright impressive with charts and graphs and statistics - nowhere in the document was there direction for practical use of the content.  

While they may have laid out a solid 'Brand Promise' -  what good is a promise it if there is no tools given to implement it?

“CATALYST helps companies fulfill their Brand Promise by providing the language needed to express and communicate it to their target audience.”

The tools, as I have come to know - are words; language - more specifically key messages.

Think of key messages like tiny lasers that you and your staff, employees can keep in your pocket and fire off at any moment of the sales cycle or the service process.  If everyone is aiming these lasers in the same direction at all times possible - chances are that your customers are going to come out with a very similar brand and 'customer' experience. 

In other words, you will be "talking the talk" of your Brand.

Through the use of potent key messages, supported by an action plan, the firm can now commit to a strategy and be confident that they are living their Brand Promise in an authentic way.  

Not only will your company appear to be talking the talk, but it will be much clearer on how you can "Walk the Talk" and live up to your brand promise. 



Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash